My website is down!

Don’t panic! ūüôā¬†The first thing to check is if your website is actually down or if it’s an isolated issue for you only. We recommend using¬† to check.

If the website says it’s not just you, then please check our status page or Twitter for any announcements.

If the website says it’s just you, there several reasons why it’s happening:

1. You’ve been blocked by the server’s firewall

This most likely a common culprit. We utilize a firewall and mod_security (basically a list of protocols) on our servers to protect them from any nasty attacks. Unfortunately sometimes, it can be a little trigger happy and block innocent users.

Most of the time, it’s a¬†temporary ban that lasts 3 minutes. We’ll suggest waiting for the ban to expire before contacting us.

If after 3 minutes, you still can’t access your website, you’ll be able to unban yourself through our portal. After you login, go to Support > Unban Center to check if your IP has been blocked.

2. You’ve¬†exceeded your allocated resources (CPU/Memory)

Cloudlinux has been installed on the server to ensure that everyone has a balanced share of resources. Once you start hitting your limits, the program begins to ‘throttle’ your website hence why you may not be able to reach it.

To check if your site is using too much, all you need to do is login into Cpanel and check on the left sidebar under ‘CPU Usage’. If you’re using more than 75%,¬†your site has began to be throttled.

Most times, after a few minutes it should resolve itself however if it continues, please contact support and we’ll look into for you.

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